Professional landscape design and installation on time and on budget

Garden maintenance suitable for every Adelaide garden

Ensure your beautiful landscape remains in pristine condition by investing in our garden maintenance. Our professional landscapers love being one with nature and perform gardening for a variety of gardens
around Adelaide. We understand that every garden is different, which is why we create individual maintenance programs to cater for each and every garden

Our landscapers are highly skilled in gardening and perform a comprehensive service including reshaping garden beds, pruning, shaping, fertilising, and pest and disease control. We offer one-off gardens as well as regular maintenance programs for residential and commercial clients.

A reliable rubbish removal service in Adelaide

At The Worx Paving And Landscaping, we believe appearance is important. There’s nothing worse than having your yard filled with junk and unwanted rubbish. This is why our professionals are here to help. We perform rubbish removal for both residential and commercial clients. We remove rubbish including building waste, garden waste and household junk.

As a company we are dedicated to the environment and adopt an eco-friendly approach to rubbish removal. While many people don’t consider where their waste goes once it has been disposed of, we are very aware of the process. We are committed to recycling your waste to ensure a happy and healthy world.

Renowned in Adelaide for home and commercial landscape garden work that enhances your property.

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